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Please read before you begin!

Promotion on indelicious is free; however, by submitting your content you are agreeing that we can commercialize it. This means that we can enable advertisements on our promotion videos and earn revenue. 

Our main focus though is to get aspiring + talented artists the recognition that they deserve!

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You must meet the criteria below to be able to submit.

- I understand that my song can be used commercially on or supporting channels (i.e. Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud).

- I am the rights holder for the track and have rights to any samples used.

- If my track is a remix, I have permission from the original composer and their label to allow indelicious to use the remix commercially on all channels.

- If my track has vocals, I have permission from the rights holder(s) of the vocals to use them in my track.

- If my track was released under a label, I must have the labels permission to allow indelicious to use the track commercially across all channels.

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Please note: We will listen to every submission but can't guarantee that we will feature it. If we do decide to feature it we'll reach out to you via email!

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